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8 Benefits of Joining CrossFit KADA


The personalized coaching and group class setting encourages members to work hard in every class and accomplish personal goals on an ongoing basis.


CrossFit KADA offers two program offerings designed to fit the needs of experienced or new CrossFit members.


We make sure to offer an inclusive environment and help members find their friends at CF KADA.


Members receive personalized training in a group setting of 12 or less members.


CF KADA is in the community, doing 5k races, Manitou Springs Incline hikes, ski weekends in the mountains, community service, and more!


Healthy eating seminars and challenges are hosted throughout the year.


Athletes are encouraged to track their workouts and review results on a daily basis.


We offer focuses on developing the skills necessary to help you become a better member while keeping you safe.

Small Class Sizes
CrossFit KADA offers classes with 10-15 members per class. This allows the member to have individualized coaching, make friends while working out and feel like they are a part of something and important in class. You won’t find this alone on the treadmill at the gym.
Strong Community
Have you been searching for a support group? Those people that help push you to be a better version of yourself and who you know you can shoot a text to when you are struggling with wanting pizza on a Tuesday night? CrossFit KADA offers this strong connection to others. You’ll be involved in high fives at the gym during class, ski trips to the mountains in the winter and a private facebook page special for only our members where you can share success stories, ask questions and receive additional information and guidance. Community and friendships are so high on our priority list, you’ll find yourself booked with fun plans any time you want!
Why CrossFit KADA
Whether you are looking to improve your skills in mountain biking or downhill skiing, wanting to loose weight, prepare for a fitness competition, or be faster than your kids up that mountain on a family hike, CrossFit KADA is the place for you.  We specialize in helping you specialize in whatever your daily life holds.  Your favorite Colorado activity will become 100% easier with the fundamental movements you improve in CrossFit.  Want to hear how CrossFit has helped our members improve skills in everyday life and become better versions of themselves?  Check out their awesome stories here.
About Us
CrossFit KADA opened in October of 2013 and serves the South Denver area. Athletes from Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Centennial and Englewood find CrossFit KADA to be their top choice for a fitness facility and gym. CrossFit KADA is husband and wife owned by KD and Darin Kaiser. Our family owned gym and inviting CrossFit community means monthly activities outside of your workout, healthy potluck parties and relationships you won’t find at work or the regular gym.
Gym Overview
At CrossFit KADA, members receive personalized training in a group setting of 12 or less members. You won’t find this personal coaching and friendship at a regular gym! With our 3,500 square foot training facility, you will find the most inviting and intimate gym atmosphere in Littleton, Colorado. Our facility has areas for body weight training to help you lose weight and stay in shape and equipment like barbells and medicine balls to help you build strength and tone your body.
Coaching Overview
You’ll find that our coaches take the extra time to help you move properly and improve technique.  Our coaches are there for you whenever you have questions and need that extra help.  We always demonstrate every movement, every time, to make sure you know exactly what you are doing.

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