Women Transformation

Total Body Transformation Challenge

We help women get in shape & become more healthy so they can enjoy a life full of health & energy…even if they’re brand new to fitness.

Watch this video from Coach KD, she runs the program!
Ready to commit to your health & fitness goals?


Are you ready to own your life & health?

We’ve helped women go from unmotivated & no routine for working out or eating healthy to living active & healthy lifestyles and building confident & strong bodies.

However, this program is not for everyone. We’ve seen the best results from those who are willing to learn, work hard and commit.

We can’t help everyone. Only apply if the following apply to you:
  • You can commit to working out 3 times a week
  • ​You will work actively to change lifestyle habits inside and outside the gym
  • ​You are ready to be a learner of health & fitness
  • ​You will follow through with the program. Nothing works if you stop. We need to be committed.
  • ​You like people! We guard our community. One negative Nancy can kill the culture. You need to have a good attitude and be a positive and encouraging person.
  • You will be dedicated to following our nutrition plan. You’ll get a plan and support from our team, but you need to execute.
  • ​​You will commit to a “no excuses” mentality. Leave them at the door.
  • ​You will embrace the process of changing your lifestyle and becoming healthier.
  • You will try your best and ask for help when you need more guidance & direction.
  • You will support everyone’s goal and contribute to an environment of inclusivity.



Our Location
Located in the South Park Business Center on Mineral between Broadway and Santa Fe
Ready to be comfortable in your body, excited to workout, and confident at the gym?

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How It Works


Attend 3 training sessions/week.
All workouts are 60 mins long.
All workouts are led by a trainer.
Workouts designed to help you lean out and tone.


Follow our nutrition plan.
Custom meal templates for 45 days.
Guided support and personalization.
Learn to eat in a balanced but realistic way for you.


Personal accountability coach.
Weekly check ins to stay on track.
Healthy lifestyle coaching throughout.
Learn how to find the motivation and discipline you’ve always wanted.

I’ve lost 18% body fat after having kids and look forward to losing a lot more.” – KD K.

“I have accomplished so much more than I ever thought I would. I have dropped body fat, become stronger, faster and am more mentally strong.” – Liz B.

“My biggest hurdle on deciding to join was my fear of having no idea what I was doing. However from the beginning, the coaches were there to make me feel comfortable and capable.” – Mel C.

Take the step towards a life of more health and more discipline.

You will not regret it.

Meet Your Head Coaches
KD & Darin Kaiser

KD & Darin opened KADA in October of 2013 with goals of helping people be happier and healthier through fitness and nutrition. They are passionate about teaching people how to move properly and safely while having fun!

They have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years with backgrounds in coaching overall fitness, soccer, skiing and swimming.

When they aren’t at the gym, you can find them hanging with their two kiddos, Eli & Dakota, and their dog Tulo. KD enjoys west coast swing dancing, soccer & ballroom dancing in her spare time and Darin is in the performing arts with passions of modeling, singing and acting.

Can’t wait to meet you!

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